Junior Web Developer

Job description

Join our team of experienced developers to work on the BALR. and 433 website!


Receive on-the-job training from our team of experienced developers with up to 26 years of experience. Develop your front-end, back-end, testing and devops skills as you go, working as a full-worthy scrum team member from day one. In our company you will get lots of opportunities to put your skills to the test in exciting side projects of varying difficulty. If you are a great developer, we offer you an inspiring environment to grow into an excellent developer.


We offer you good salary, free lunch and other benefits. And when you work on the highest level, you need to stay fit. That's why you can enjoy a state-of-the-art gym with personal training sessions and massages.


You have some experience with web development beyond setting up a WordPress site. You have a keen interest in all aspects of web development from svg animations to server configuration. Most importantly, you have an untameable drive to learn all there is to learn about anything.


Some keywords to give you an idea of the technologies and frameworks we work with: HTML, CSS, Less, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, AngularJS, Docker, Selenium and many more.


- 40 hour work week

- Fluent in English and Dutch